Wes Burke

Wes Burke

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First Name * Wes
Last Name * Burke
Username * Chapt0r
Country * USA
City Saint Charles
Languages English


Current Position Artist
Areas of Expertise ArchitectureGames Console
Preferred Tools Environment ModelingObject Modeling3D Studio MaxPhotoshopDreamweaverFlashVisioAE


Availability: Freelance
Website www.wesburke.com


I am an experienced 3D Modeler, Graphic Designer and Internet Entrepreneur; I am currently a full time contract artist and run a Computer Graphics education site at http://cgcookie.com.

I grew up in Bradley, IL. A corn town south of Chicago. Most people haven't heard of it, but with the recent addition of the Bears Training camp in Bourbonnais (basically the same town), the area is starting to see some traffic.

After graduating highschool I shipped out to the United States Coast Guard for 4 years. I was stationed in San Francisco at first then finished my years out in Boston, MA. It was a great period of my life when I was able to travel quite a bit, and shot a .50 calibur machine gun.

I returned home (IL) to attend college and begin my career as a civilian again. I have always been drawn to "creating" whether it be doing a website layout, or the need to create a snow fort each year with tunnels and of course an ice slide. My childhood "must create" drive has turned into a full blown addiction that I probably should be medicated for. I love making webites, or architecting the flow and functionality. This does carry over to 3D, but also more so in the pre-planning. From my portfolio you can see TONS of (Work in progress) Because I get excited to rock out a model/design and then mid-way through I have another Rockstar idea, so I jump on that. One day when I am "older" and have a sweet machine I will go back and finish these I am sure.

I am currently operating as a contract artist for 3D Modeling and Architectural Rendering.